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We are specialists is the area of labour law with years of experience. With modern systems and modern thinking our members won’t be irritated by red-tape and unnecessary clutter.  Our aim is to serve the job-creator with utmost professionalism. At Litigo you will not only be a number, we will build a personal relationship with our members. In order for us to understand your requirements we need to understand the business and the people behind it, which is why we place a high premium on sincerely getting to know our members.

In a country where the employer is often seen as the enemy we would like to stand up for them and protect their rights in the labour arena with a firm hand and with authority, at the same time cultivating a culture of mutual respect in the workplace.

Litigo serves micro-sized enterprises up to large corporations at an affordable price.

We are young, innovative and dynamic, ready to serve in an ever changing environment.

OUr values:

At Litigo we value and appreciate the roll of the job-creator, the entrepreneur, the employer, the business owner. They are the backbone of our community providing an income for millions of households. We would like to show our appreciation for what they mean for our country and economy by supporting them in our field of expertise.

South Africa has a complex labour landscape. Sometimes volatile, sometimes unstable and sometimes politically charged, but always well regulated and enforced by authorities.

At Litigo, we assist the employer in navigating this complex labour landscape. We acknowledge that the business owner needs to focus on business thereby ensuring stability for its workforce. By showing respect, admiration and appreciation for people who create jobs, we hope to influence the workers of South Africa to show the same kind of respect towards the employer.

We strive to create a culture of mutual respect between employer and employee, a culture where an employee is proud to render service to the employer and where the employer is proud of its employees.

By regulating conduct in the workplace according to law and the principals of mutual respect together with good communication between all parties, we aim to harmonise the employee / employer relationship.

Apart from rendering excellent service and growing as company, our aim is to contribute to the health of the South African community by contributing to a culture of mutual respect and appreciation between people from all walks of life.

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